Traditional squeegee dry method:

Welcome to Sparkling Panes, the premier provider of traditional squeegee dry method services for impeccable glass surfaces. With our skilled technicians and time-tested techniques, we guarantee streak-free windows that gleam with clarity. Using high-quality squeegees and professional-grade cleaning solutions, we remove dirt, grime, and smudges, leaving your windows spotless and inviting. Experience the unmatched results of our traditional squeegee dry method service and let your windows shine with a pristine brilliance that enhances the beauty of your space. Trust Sparkling Panes for a truly sparkling clean!

Our crew has been prepared and trained to be extremely effective in traditional window washing skills. Using mild non-staining detergents in our standard mix, we agitate the dirty glass with handheld scrubbers until a rich lather is attained. Then professionally remove it from the glass with a squeegee until completely dry without streaks. We dry the edges with lint-free towels and wipe down the frames. We also completely clean and dry the screens and replace them correctly and undamaged.

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