Hurricane and Accordion Shutter Services

Stay prepared for storm seasons with our Hurricane and Accordion Shutter Services. We provide cleaning and maintenance to your accordion shutters keeping them free from debris and dirt and then we will grease them afterwards to ensure easy operation when you need them. We will make sure all screw holes are clear and locks function correctly, making sure to replace broken or rusty parts where needed. For those Hurricane shutter panels , we can schedule a consultation and dry run. This service labels all the panels, creates a map of their locations, cleans all tracks and clears shutter holes from paint and other debris that has collected over the years. Don’t wait for a storm to do this …THERE ISN’T TIME AT THAT POINT ! . Get your service done once a year before hurricane season as part of your hurricane preparedness program.

Why do you need this service? You’ve taken the time and incurred the cost of protecting your home with Hurricane shutters. Make sure they are functioning properly before you need them and schedule a walk through so you have a map of locations of individual panels and get on our list of customers who don’t have to worry about placement and removal before and after the storm.

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