As a property or project manager, our job is to take the worry out of your job…  well at least out of the part concerning us. We do this by delivering professionalism, fair and competitive rates, the highest possible quality, reliability, convenience, exceptional workmanship and most importantly, safety.

After all these things are met , you may feel, comfortable, content, relaxed , at ease, like your toes are in the sand, sitting under an umbrella with a cold drink in your hand, awesome!!! Okay, maybe not that great, but you will be confident that you made the best choice for your company and others will compliment you on our work and your intuitive decision to hire us. That has got to make your job a little easier, Right?

Budgeted contracts

We have found that having a discounted, budgeted monthly charge is economical, easier and a more effective way of maintaining the property and also offers relief from high intermittent charges. This takes the pressure off of managers to make sure they call and schedule services and puts them into a “automatic rotating schedule.” We will set up the frequency with you at the beginning of the service, and maintain it for you alerting you of upcoming appointments by your desired form of communication, either sending you emails, texts or calling you directly.

This shows our commitment to you. No other company in our field offers this service. We believe in the success of your company and are here to partner with you in every aspect of business.